Startup Support

Start Up service

Customer Support Management

Felidae focus on enhancing customer experience and reducing the gap between the different channels for start up services. We collate the deata from various source to benchmark the business. By analysing the marketing situation what customer really think about the product and best practices with insights that help our start up clients to shape their business.

Feedback Management

Felidae team collate all the feedback from the users to understand his expectation, addressing the complaint within the defined turnaround time, highlighting unique cases to our clients notice and manage share insights on the feedback provided by each individuals.

Retention Management

Retaining a customer is as important as acquiring a customer. If a customer is churning, it is important to know and understand the actual cause, before taking the right solution based on the available empowerment to the team. The causes are then shared as insights to the management for bettering the product and processes, besides retaining customer.
We have upskilled the team to do exactly that.

Employee Helpdesk

Employee Helpdesk to pay attention to the day to day queries of the employees and all the queries will be sorted within 24 hrs. This makes the employees feel cared and reduce attrition.