FELIDAE INFOSEC Pvt Ltd providing Business Process Management (BPO/BPM) solutions to increase our client’s customer experience, improve business operation, optimizing a company business processes and focus on adding value to our client’s business.

We always institutionalized in improving the quality of the process and concentrate on continual improvement processes that will benefit our clients to yield the expected results.

FELIDAE INFOSEC Pvt Ltd objective is to not just meet customer expectation but to exceed and delighting them in every opportunity that is presented with.

We always thrive to deliver exceptional service to our client’s customers and provide a brand image to our clients. Our expertise on analytics, current business models, customer needs and modern technology makes our clients more efficient.

We triggered our ride off setting up customer service for Banking Industry in 2013, Later expanded our service in providing data centre management (card configuration, upgradation, account reconciliation), data mining, data processing and we are offering customer management solutions to start ups.