Banking Services

Banking Services


Always it is a challenging task to track the variation between the bank and the bank’s customer to tally the balance. Also to trace failed transaction and fix the issues. Currently we do reconciliation for over 1 million transactions a day.
With the increase in Smart Phones, the number of online transactions through mobile wallet have exceeded multi folds and the success rate of these transactions at best is 80%, this means a lot of money doesn’t get processed owing to payment gateway issue/merchant site/ISP issue etc., Having a robust reconciliation process is therefore imperative and the amount which doesn’t get processed needs to be credited back into customers account. With huge experience in managing Reconciliation process on a large scale, Felidae team uses the expertise todo the reconciliation in the most effective and efficient method.
We focus on eliminating the limitations/root causes in the account reconciliations and provide end-to-end follow up on the failed transactions in stipulated TAT.

Customer Support Management

Felidae BPO is always passionate in providing world class customer relationship management for our client’s customers. We strategizeand build capabilities to provide swift resolution first time right.
Review processes and plug lacunas with innovative solutions to enhance customer experience and achieving economy of scale.
Felidae BPO focus on providing robust training on business process management for all our employees and technical support functions to take care our client’s customer.

Customer Support services Product Technical Support via phone and email Support and Managed Services via phone and email
Complaint management Our clients performance management Technical trouble shooting and Service maintenance via phone and field visit

Card Processing

Felidae provide One-Stop-Shop for all card issuance and life cycle management requirements, with direct input from popular bank hosts. We tied up with our strategic partners for Customised, non-customized and prepaid manufactured cards. We have comprehensive reporting and tracking system in place to manage the service.
We also provide support functions to hot list the card, linking/delinking the card, renewing the existing card and upgrading the card as per the request.

Help Desk Management

Felidae manages the entire field service team with integrated customer support team. Issue reported from Bank/different source on any payment touch points are followed up with the respective stake holders based on the criticality defined by client.
Felidae trained professional own up the complaints and will resolve the issues within the stipulated turnaround time.